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Welcome to www.Nimbuckz.net, This is the only one site (Non official) to sell Nimbuckz (in-app virtual currency by Nimbuzz). In this website we provide Mode of payments from Nimbuzz users to Nimbuzz Merchants details, Tutorials about how to use Nimbuckz, Blog posts for new features of Nimbuzz, Merchants’ details, FAQs, Contact us details. This website is run and managed by Authorised merchants of Nimbuzz, our details can be checked in Nimbuzz’s N World.

For Nimbuzz Android Client:

Nimbuzz > More > N World > Nimbuckz Icon> Nimbuzz Merchants>

1. akash.mins@nimbuzz.com

2. prashantkrsahu@nimbuzz.com

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Nimbuzz Merchants

Nimbuzz Users need to purchase Nimbuckz (In app currency by Nimbuzz) in order to use additional (premium) features of this application.
Nimbuckz can be used to buy N World’s Gift, Premium Stickers, Boosting Chatroom, Photo Magic and payment to bots for extended uses.
We are dedicated merchants to serves best possible service to Nimbuckz buyers.


Any Nimbuzz user can buy Nimbuckz from this website or our mentioned merchants from anywhere without fearing about money loss, we are Authorised Nimbuzz merchants

Akash Kumar
Nimbuzz ID: akash.mins
E-Mail: akash.mins@gmail.com


Prashant Kumar
Nimbuzz ID: prashantkrsahu
E-Mail: prashantkrsahu@gmail.com