Nimbuzz Color ID is live for users in Chatroom

Nimbuzz recently added a new feature in chatroom: Color User ID.

It will make your Nimbuzz ID more fancy.. Even your stylist Nimbuzz User ID, so be the first among your friends.

Now users can get color to their existing Nimbuzz ID(s), you do not need new create or buy ID for this feature.  This feature was live only for Nimbuzz Merchants. Currently there are 8 colors – Magenta, Cyan, Maroon, Light GreenPurple, Yellow, Green and Pink. Color IDs support Android, Desktop and iPhone (soon) and it can not seen by Symbian and Java clients. Update your Nimbuzz application if you can’t see color user ID.

Nimbuzz Colour ID in Chatroom- Chatroom Window

Nimbuzz Color ID in Chatroom- Chatroom Window

Nimbuzz Colour ID in Chatroom- Participants List.

Nimbuzz Color ID in Chatroom- Participants List.


This is paid feature, so you need to pay for this on monthly basis.

Magenta, Cyan, Maroon, Light Green, Purple, Yellow, Green and Pink cost 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 10000, 12000 and 15000 Nimbuckz for a month respectively.

Buy Color ID Nimbuzz

To get color ID, you need sufficient Nimbuckz in your account.

To Buy Nimbuckz, add: or you can pay through this website. Click here Buy Nimbuckz

Help : If you don’t see your ID is colored in chatrooms, don’t be panic. Send email to  or regarding this issue.