Nimbuzz sells Nimbuzz ID officially.

Good news for all Nimbuzz users. Now you can get your desired Nimbuzz ID.

Nimbuzz is now officially selling inactive IDs which is not used for last 12 months (1 year). You can apply for your desired Nimbuzz ID. As many users cheated for the same thing by random people in Nimbuzz. This might help to stop fraud against Nimbuzz ID by other ID sellers. You can also apply for New stylish ID.


All you need to apply for Nimbuzz ID in few simple ways :

1. Open this link Apply for Nimbuzz ID

2. Fill the text fields –

  • Full Name
  • Nimbuzz ID (put Nimbuzz ID currently you are using)
  • Email ID
  • Your mobile number with country code (i.e. “+91” for India)
  • Tick in check box of country you are living in
  • Nimbuzz ID you want to buy (your desired Nimbuzz ID) and How much maximum you can pay for.
  • click on submit.

3. Now, if you are lucky and your desired Nimbuzz ID is still inactive for more than 12 months.

They will reply you for further payment options at your given email ID.


Contact or to to know more.


Note: Its good to put more than 100$ in amount box.