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Here you will find some great info about Nimbuckz and its uses.

How To Become a Nimbuzz Merchant

Now You can Earn money very easily and Work with  Nimbuzz. You can sell Nimbuckz to users and your details will be shown in N-World of your country. All you need to apply for Nimbuzz Merchantship (Nimbuckz Reseller) and buy Nimbuckz in bulk to sell.

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How to Boost Chatroom

You can boost your chatroom and make them famou. Nimbuckz is help to make your chat room famous instantly.

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How to Buy Premium Stickers

Nimbuzz has many stickers which you can send to your friends. Here’s you can find how to buy those stickers and send them to your friends.

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How to Send Gifts

Here’s you will find the details about how to send gifts to your friends through N World.

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