New Feature: Smarticons for Android & iOS

New Feature: Smarticons for Android & iOS

Last month, Nimbuzz added Emoji Icons and now Nimbuzz introduces all new Smarticons to enrich your chatting experience with contextual & Intelligent Emoticons.

You can update Nimbuzz Android to version 3.3.0 and iOS devices. This version has also improved crashes and connections issues. At this moment, Both Emoji Icons and Smarticons are not supported by Windows PC client and Symbian Devices.


This update adds cool Smarticons which converts simple text in to Graphics. It is more likely as Stickers but it’s not limited for private chat only. These Smarticons can be used in chatrooms as well.

When you type something, the available text for Smarticons become highlighted withing text box, then you need to tap on highlighted text, which will show you various Graphical Smarticons, choose one of them that will replace the text. Smarticons are not available for all words, but you will find most common words you use while chatting.

1. Write some words, Tap of highlighted words to turn into Smarticons.

Smarticon 1

2. Choose the suitable Smarticons..

Smarticon 2

3. It will turn into Smarticons.

Smarticon 3

Smarticons feature can be enabled/disabled anytime. For change, Tap of right upper corner menu and change the settings.

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Download Nimbuzz Android from Google’s Play Store :