What’s Nimbuckz and what are uses?

Nimbuckz is in app Virtual Coin by Nimbuzz. It is used to buy N World’s Gifts, Premium Stickers and Boost the Chat rooms.

N World Gift

Express you love by sending Virtual Gifts to your friends. There are hundreds of different types of Gifts. Pick the best desired gift and send it your beloved ones.

Send Gifts through N World to friends.


Load more to see more gifts in N World and so on. You can share gifts in two ways

  • To the friends who are in your contact lists :
  1. Go to N World:
  2. Select the gift item you want to send
  3. Select friends from your contact list.
  4. End of this process, it will show a successful message.



  • You can send Gifts to visitors of chatroom.
  1. 1.See the gift codes by sending /vg L into chatroom
  2. It will show you lists of all codes in chatroom
  3. Now, type /vg <gift_code> <Nimbuzz_ID>
  4. As example… /vg ic prashantkrsahu and then send it to chatroom.
  5. A message by chatroom that just to show you sent gift to a user.




You can search Gifts code here and see their codes. (Codes hum bhej de rahe hai)

Boost Command

  1. Nimbuckz is help to make your chat room famous instantly.
  2. Tired and ignored by friends to invite them in your Chatroom, stop bugging them and make your chatroom famous by using /boost command.

How to use boost command

  1. Enter into the chatroom you want to make famous.
  2. After entering in your chatroom, type /boost and send it to chatroom.
  3. It will show you a message that boost successfully has done.
  4. You will also get a private message by Nimbuzz, that 1000 Nimbuckz have been deducted from your account




Be the first to use Nimbuzz Premium Stickers among your friends. Show them your Stickers to them. Fade up to use old emoicons? Try new exciting stickers. Now express your emotions with latest Nimbuzz’s Vibrant Stickers. There are several free Stickers and many new Stickers. Nimbuzz Stickers are available to Android, iPhone and Windows Desktop PC client.

Chat Buddy